Even though G.P.S. is a film that addresses the foibles of contemporary technology, it is still a film that utilizes all the contemporary technology it can to get made. One of those examples of today's technology is Kickstarter, which has proven to be an effective means to help us fund and produce G.P.S.

And we are very thankful to those who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign…

Aleta Spiker
Alexia Woolley
Allison Wheeler-Moretti
Amanda Brody
Andrea Stevick
Andrew Speese
Blake Harshman
Caitlin Hutcherson
Ben & Michelle Cannon
Clara Doyel
Dana West
Deb Sheridan
Debra Ono
Devin Castles
Donato Sinicco, III
Emma Seitz
Eugene Tang
Jackson DeMos
Jake Rodkin
Jennifer Roberts Barroso
Jessica Thorpe
Joe Canfield
Joe Famularo
Joe Hill
John Stratford
Josh Rose
Kara Cain
Karen Hutcherson
Katrina Brinkert
Linda Freund
Lindsay Berg
Mandy Miller
Matt Haslam
Matthew Guggemos
Michael Hutcherson
Michelle Doyel
Monika Vosough
Neil Teixeira
Patrick Urban
Poramate Minsiri
Ryan Godfrey
Ryan Wilkins
Shannon Piper Lazzarini
Shelley Dombroski
Stan Wedeking
Stanley Nam
Susan Rodkin
Tamara Fleishman
Trisha Weir
Tyler Hagen

Thank you again, everyone for helping us make this film a reality and for your support of our filmmaking endeavors!