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Jill About PageSYNOPSIS

NOT ALONE is a short suspense thriller.

Shyla always lets her roommate Brianna call the shots. But when an intruder, potentially the neighborhood serial killer, breaks into their apartment, the two girls get separated, leaving their plan of survival in Shyla's hands.

Special appearances by Brittany Ishibashi (Parenthood, House M.D.) and Elex Michaelson (ABC-7 News, Los Angeles).


Almost every film I've done so far has been a comedy. As I was drafting the screenplay for my upcoming suspense feature Three, I thought it was time to get some practice directing a thriller.

So, I put all the Hitchcock training from my days at USC Cinema to the test. I devised a premise that could be shot quickly and have potential for strong characters and beautiful cinematography. I also wanted to get my feet wet with the now-popular DSLR production workflow. My challenge was writing strong female protagonists, which is why I am thankful that my friend Erica Bardin was willing and fully capable of taking my very rough story and helping make these two young women as believable as possible.

I hope you will enjoy watching (as much as I have enjoyed directing) this simple, yet entertaining flick.

-Billy Higgins


I find duality in film interesting: texture a comedy with drama underneath and pepper a drama with moments of comedy. The latter is what we strove to accomplish with Not Alone.

Not Alone emanates from the eyes of Shyla, a character with everything going for her except self doubt. She is juxtaposed to Brianna, who is full of confidence but also full of "it." It's about their relationship, the element of film I've always believed is transcendent. A friendship, a love affair, or a rivalry all contain dynamics that create a compelling narrative.

Through clever cinematography and overall creative execution, the viewer gets to see a friendship of two roommates tested in light and very dark moments (literally dark). With the direction of Billy Higgins, I am happy to see the characters from the page come to life in a thriller that made me (and hopefully will make you) not only jump from my seat but also laugh.

-Erica Bardin


Oasis was the name of the fake movie production company that the director and his high school friends maintained in the late 90s. Originally fouonded (typo intended) by Jake Rodkin and Ritz Campbell as a video game parody production operation, Oasis Productions was producing an assembly line of digital video shorts on the internet long before anyone ever heard of Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Firewire, YouTube, Vimeo, or any of the tools that the average person has access to today. If you don't believe it, then check out this YouTube channel. Now, Billy Higgins is working his hardest, with Jake's blessing, to turn Oasis into a legitimate film production enterprise.

Copyright 2011-2012 Oasis Productions


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